Airlie Gardens, Take 2

My first visit to Airlie Gardens was blogged in early May under the title:  The Garden by the Sea.    I loved it— it was beautiful and peaceful and I spent the day meandering around the gardens without a care in the world.   I couldn’t wait for a return visit.   So.. I visited this Labor Day Weekend, late summer! —  The camera clutz that I am, my lens hood fell onto Bradley Creek Pier and rolled right into Bradley Creek, never to be seen again.  Nothing was in bloom other than the odd flower here or there and it was hot, hot, hot.    The gardens were green; still beautiful…  still peaceful — and instead of the day meandering — an hour or two of purposeful walking that yielded the following results:



Snow Geese, Tundra Swans, & Canada Geese – Oh My!

In late winter large numbers of migrating waterfowls appear at Middle Creek (a Wildlife Management area located in Pennsylvania) before heading north for breeding.   Many of the waterfowl come from south of Pennsylvania and begin their trek north in conjunction with spring thaw.   When the ice begins to thaw so there is open water and the snow melts from adjacent fields for the birds to have waste grains, they begin to arrive.    This year — the highest numbers started around the 17 March:   Snow Geese:  60,000+; Tundra Swans:   5,000+ and Canada Geese:   3,000+   These pictures are from 20 March 2014.  









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