Have you ever just said I could kick myself?

If you have ever just said you could kick yourself, Tom Haywood’s Kicking Machine can help!




My dad’s last duty station before retirement from the Marine Corps in 1964 was Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, coincidentally also where I was born.    Since my dad was retiring he didn’t want to move the family (again) to Cherry Point — so we stayed in Clinton, Maryland, outside of Andrews Air Force Base, and my dad commuted weekends.  I was just a young girl and frequently went back and forth with him from MD to NC.  I have a few foggy memories of visiting Tom Haywood’s Kicking Machine, that my dad got a real kick out of (pun intended) which was on the route.

So…. 47 years later after moving part time to ONC, I went on a quest to find the Kicking Machine again with my dad.   Thanks to the internet and a dad with a great memory, it was not that hard to find on the side of the road!   My dad clearly got a kick out of finding the ‘ole kicking machine.

Then, this past December my eldest daughter and I were in the area — and I had to tell her the story and stop and visit so she would know where to go if she ever felt the need to kick herself in the derriere.

FullSizeRender 2

My daughter, getting kicked in the derriere.

Hard to believe, that a visit to the Tom Haywood’s Kicking Machine could be such a fun time —  but it sure gave us a good kick.


Martha’s Favorite Things


It’s easy to find for those that that would like to have a good kicking….    It’s located in front of Martha’s Favorite Things on US 70 a little over 9 miles south of the intersection of Hwy 55/US 17 at New Bern, NC.

Here are a couple of links that provide additional information:



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