Elk County, Pennsylvania – Photo Play

Elk Hanging Out - After

Elk Hanging Out – After

This weekend, I found myself in Elk County, Pennsylvania.   A county, who’s named was derived from the large population of Eastern elk.   A nice man, while shooting at Middle Creek a few weeks ago, mentioned that the elk, particularly during rutting season, were incredible to photograph.   Males battling other males for the right to mate sounded like a photographers dream to me — so I decided to visit the area and potentially mark my own spot for next September/October.   So on 27 March (supposedly 7 days in to spring) — we ventured to Elk County for the weekend.

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Snowing to beat the band.

It was snowing to beat the band.    In fact, it was snowing on and off– most of the day, more on than off.   Some elk viewing areas were only accessible by four-wheel drive, a no-go for my little car.  It was 17 degrees.  I don’t want to exaggerate, it may have gotten up to 20 or 21 degrees during the afternoon.   It was cloudy, it was dreary.   Not a tree bud could be found.  Even the elk were mangy.   Yes, yes, I know, what do I expect? — Elk County is “north”, part of the Allegheny Mountains — but the heart wants what the heart wants and this heart wanted a bit of Spring— at least some sunshine.

Sadly most of my photos reflected this cloudy, snowy, dreary – afternoon.   So I decided to engage in a little photo play, something I rarely do (mainly because I don’t know how).   But a little over exaggerated photos, with help from a really inexpensive ($2.99) application, — was a lot of fun.    So here are a few before and afters.


Elk Hanging Out – Before

Elk Hanging Out - After

Elk Hanging Out – After


The Red Cabin – Before

The Red Cabin – After


The Forest – Before

The Forest – After

The Babbling Brook – Before

The Babbling Brook – After

Mountain Brook – Before

Mountain Brook – After

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