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Argh… how to write something that doesn’t stink aka suck??

          I wasn’t sure what to  write on the “about” page — so I started looking for samples on the internet.   The internet says the “about” page should:  1) with as much specificity as possible, tell your audience the purpose for writing the blog, and 2) post 3 or 4 well written paragraphs about yourself.   Both of these tactics are to get more readers to hit your “like” button.


Take me out to the ballgame!

Sadly, I’m afraid I’m going to fail miserably at both of these key steps.   Clearly, I have no idea why I really started (4 Jan 2014) this website — and  I can’t imagine writing 2 or 3 paragraphs about myself.   So suffice it to say, I love looking for dead people (genealogy) — visit my genealogy website: http://www.larkfamilygenealogy.com  and I love photography (glad you visited this site!) — owning a Nikon D500 (DX), Nikon D810 (FX) and a Nikon D850 (Sept 2017) to fuel this passion.   — Holy cow — one of them has got to go 😦 — Additionally, I love baseball in the summer and ice hockey in the winter!

Although I didn’t really meet the criteria the internet said I should have on the about page 🙂  — how about “liking” and “following” me anyway please?!?!

Many of my photographs are available for sale at Fine Art America.   If there is something you’d like but don’t see it there, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting!


2015 Bridgestone Winter Classic, Nat’s Park

8 Comments on “About

  1. Hi Cindy – thanks for stopping by Beauty Along the Road and leaving your trail of likes so I could find you and admire your gorgeous photos. Seems like we are both nature lovers (sports, not so much for me). I have a Nikon D5200 and really like that camera, just have to get a macro lens to complete my collection…

    • Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. I love your “Beauty Along the Road” site — photos, articles and some pretty neat topics. Trust me — I’ll be visiting often! And — an added bonus always glad to find a fellow Nikon owner, the D5200 is a lovely camera!

  2. Yes! I still live in Maryland but I also have a very small place on the Intracoastal waterway in North Carolina. I love it there!!!

  3. Hi Cindy! I’very been enjoying your photos so much on FB, I just had to check out your website – so happy I did! You are an amazing photographer and I love the kind and cheerful energy you put out into the world. Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Hi Janet! So glad you visited and thank you for all the kind words. Love my little hobby — but, even after retiring — I still don’t have enough time for it!

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