Parris Island, SC where “We Make Marines”


Parris Island, SC where “We Make Marines”

Our Holiday Road Trip took us to Parris Island, SC, the Marine Recruit Depot for the Eastern Region.   My dad is a retired Marine who had the “pleasure” of going through Parris Island in 1942.   He has nothing nice to say about Parris Island and has very vivid memories of the sandfleas, marching in 6 inches of sand, living in tents, and the then standard issue silver bucket.   Frankly, I thought Parris Island was rather lovely — and  saw no sandfleas, sand, nor tents 🙂

However, while there, we visited the museum  which confirmed the existence of sandfleas and tents:

Parris Island sandfleas

Parris Island sandfleas

Captured at the Parris Island Museum

Tents as seen at the Parris Island Museum

Captured at the Parris Island Museum

Captured at the Parris Island Museum

Further, as a young kid I loved loved loved Gomer Pyle, USMC which aired on CBS from 1964 to 1969 staring Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton.   Although, the show was in fictional Camp Henderson, California vice Parris Island, South Carolina — I’ll be darn if these quonset huts don’t look like the very same where we could see Private Pyle and Gunnery Sergeant Carter running in and out of!

8 Comments on “Parris Island, SC where “We Make Marines”

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  2. Oh how I remember living in the Quonset Huts during September through December in 1956 while going through Boot Camp @ Paris Island Crazy hot in September and cold as the North Pole ln December. But we survived, great memories!!!

    • Thank you for your service. My dad went through many years before you (served WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam) and still (he’s 96) talks about the sand fleas!

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